Flinders Street Railway Station

Flinders Street railway station is the centre of Melbourne CBD in Melbourne and one of the city’s most recognisable landmarks.

The design of this grand Edwardian baroque building was selected by an architectural competition held in 1902, and the red brick and golden stucco building was constructed between 1905 and 1910.
Stretching along Flinders Street for more than a city block, and boasting grand archways and an expansive ballroom, it is public architecture on a majestic scale — a symbol of the importance of railways to the growth of the city and its suburbs.

Flinders Street Station has become far more than a place of transit. Meeting under the clocks is a Melbourne institution and ¨I’ll meet you on the steps” refers to the wide staircase underneath these clocks.
Just one minute under the clocks will give you an idea of Melbourne’s fabulous and diverse population.

In celebration of its 100th Birthday in 2010 we created this print for Melbourne lovers.

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